Standing without apology on the Authorized Version of the word of God, the King James Bible

Russian Bible Printing Project

   This project is 17 years in the making and is the culmination of a joint effort between a Bible Believing missionary (Perry Demopoulos) and born again Russian speaking nationals.

   The goal is to print 1,000 leather-bound Russian Translations of the King James Bible, which will cost approximately $15,000.

  Once this initial goal is met, there are further plans to get copies printed in different editions:
   1.) Pocket size New Testaments (something like Gideon’s N.T. )
   2.) Cheaper printed Bibles/ and or New Testaments for evangelization distribution.
   3.) A good quality, leather-bound Bible for sales
   4.) A very much needed edition with parallel passages, footnotes and introductions to each book of the Bible.
   5.) And finally, a parallel English / Russian AV Bible

Missions Special Project